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Jesus Is Risen Volume 2

The Lifework and Teaching of
The Rev. Dr. Walter R. Bouman, ThD

Ann M. Haut, editor

Walter R. Bouman was the Edward C. Fendt Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary from 1971 to 2005. He was thoroughly devoted to the church, to its people, and especially to his students. This book brings Dr. Bouman’s essential message, “Jesus is risen, and that changes everything!” into conversation with new readers—and satisfies former students who have yearned for a book that contains his Gospel message and stories.

This volume focuses on Bouman’s theology of the church and creation. .

One of the great losses of our time was the death of Walter Bouman, that lively, irrepressible and orthodox theologian of the church. His unique voice is still much missed in virtually every discussion that matters. That loss is a little assuaged by the faithful restorative work of Ann Haut and others of his students, a work represented in these pages. This is not so much Walt Bouman directly as Walt Bouman faithfully remembered from his own notes, not giving us dogma but—as he says—“the best explanations we can for our time in history.”These “explanations” still engage us with deep help from a man who did truly believe that the resurrection of Jesus is the source of all help.
Gordon W. Lathrop, Professor of Liturgy Emeritus, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Walter Bouman encouraged his students and all of us who were drawn into the life of the church in baptism to see its teaching, mission, and destiny through the lens of Jesus’ resurrection. Here in Volume 2 we find his account of the church in accomplishing God’s mission in the world. He talks about three church “models,” and then makes a case for his own “eschatological/anticipatory” church model: a community whose life and mission points to the ultimate reconciliation, restoration, renewal of all creation. The resurrection of Jesus as the beginning of our understanding of God was Walter’s essential message, and it lives on today through countless students who sat in his classes at Trinity, or attended lectures around the globe, or joined him for conversation in his living room in Columbus, Ohio. This volume provides an opportunity for persons who did not have the privilege of a face-to-face encounter with Walter to hear what his students heard—and for those of us who were students to be reminded of his energy and enthusiasm for the Gospel.
Stephen Bouman, Executive Director of the ELCA Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission Unit

Ann M. Haut, PhD, was a student of Walter R. Bouman at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Bouman also served on her doctoral committee and influenced her teaching career.

See also Volume One on Bouman's theology of God.

Jesus Is Risen Volume 2Jesus Is Risen Volume 2

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