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Journal of the

Mark Granquist, editor

Journal of the Lutheran Historical Conference is a new publication of the Lutheran Historical Conference, beginning with the 2011 edition.

The Lutheran Historical Conference (LHC) has been in existence since 1962, with the purpose of encouraging and supporting the writing of the history of Lutherans in North America, and the collection and dissemination of its archival documents. To these ends, the LHC has met biennially since the 1960s, and continues to do so. Since 1966, the LHC has printed biennial volumes entitled Essays and Reports, recording the presentations and proceedings of its conferences. To date, 22 volumes of this publication have appeared from 1966 to 2006, and are a valuable record of Lutheran history in North America. The LHC has found, however, that this format is now too limiting and too infrequent, so it has decided to produce a new journal, the Journal of the Lutheran Historical Conference, which will appear annually.

The Journal of the Lutheran Historical Conference includes articles derived from papers given at its biennial meetings, but will also seek to expand offerings in these area, including an annual bibliography.

Contents of the 2013 edition include:
The First Two English Versions of Luther’s Small Catechism, by Kim-Eric Williams
American Lutheran Responses to Anglican Church Union Efforts in the Early 1920s, by Mary Jane Haemig
Lutheran Charismatics and the “Chief Article”: A Historical-Theological Assessment, by Christopher J. Richmann
Domke’s Garden: A Forgotten Lutheran Artist, by Julianna Frost
“If we cease to be German, we will cease to be Lutheran”: Linguistic Transition and Theological Crisis in the Synodical Conference, 1885-1945, by Timothy D. Grundmeier
The Developing Welfare State and the Formation of the Lutheran Welfare Sector, by Leslie F. Weber, Jr.
“Lord I Have Come Into This Your Holy House”: A Brief History of the Norwegian Liturgy in America, by Kristofer Coffman
A Chaplain’s Story: Opie Selmer Rindal’s Experiences During World War II, by Gary M. Johnson
Walter H. Wente: Humanist, Educator, and Advocate for Curricular Change: A Turning Point in Preparatory Ministerial Education in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, 1935-1938, by James Albers
The Lutheran Who Reached for the Stars: The Life, Legacy, and Lapses of Wernher von Braun, by Joel L. Pless
Fear of Freedom and Freedom from Fear: A Look at Race and Bondage in Muhlenberg’s Journals, by Richard Chapman
The American Lutheran Publicity Bureau and Missouri Synod Acculturation, by Richard O. Johnson
Jonathan Rundman: Power Pop Lutheran, by Martin Lohrman
Remembering Place: How America has Shaped Lutheranism, by Maria Erling
Bibliography of Publications in American Lutheranism, 2012

Journal of the <br>Lutheran <br>Historical <br>Conference <br>2013Journal of the <br>Lutheran <br>Historical <br>Conference <br>2013

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