Investments & Donations

Lutheran University Press is a not-for-profit publisher whose ministry is funded by sales, revenues, subsidies, grants, and gifts.

Books published by Lutheran University Press are examples of the excellence in scholarship that is present in the faculties of the Lutheran colleges, universities, and seminaries. Revenues from our book sales, however, often do not cover operating expenses. Scholarly books are more expensive to publish because of the higher cost of producing quality products for smaller audiences.

Lutheran University Press welcomes all donations. In order to make your gift tax deductible you may send it to the college, university, or seminary of your choice, designated for Lutheran University Press. You also may designate your gift to subsidize books from a specific academic discipline, a specific area of scholarship, or to subsidize books published by authors from the faculty of a specific Lutheran school.

Investors are also welcome. You may invest in an individual title with an anticipated two-year return of principle with interest. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when there are books for which an investor would be helpful to facilitate publication:

We are grateful to those who share their resources for this important work.

Contact Leonard Flachman for more information