Our Mission

Lutheran University Press serves Lutheran institutions of higher education, faculty of Lutheran education institutions, and Lutheran faculty of other higher education institutions. Through the publication of works of scholarly significance, Lutheran University Press supports the mission of Lutheran colleges, universities, and seminaries by furthering their fundamental commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and by extending their outreach to the larger Lutheran community.

Lutheran University Press provides faculty and staff of Lutheran colleges and seminaries as well as Lutheran faculty at other institutions with a means of getting their research and scholarship before their academic peers and the church-at-large.

Monographs, proceedings, symposia, textbooks, collections, reference works, bibliographies, festschriften, ethnographies, other works of scholarship, as well as publications to enrich the life of the church will be published under the imprint.

Lutheran University Press will also provide Lutheran colleges, universities, and seminaries with an efficient, timely, and economical means to fulfill their ongoing publication programs.