Please send a book prospectus rather than a full-length manuscript. This will allow us to quickly assess the most appropriate option for publication of your book, We may send the prospectus out for a third party review, or we may request the full manuscript. To prevent delays in the evaluation of your project, we ask that your prospectus include the following:

  • a three- to six-page description of the project, including its purpose, potential audience, scope, contribution to scholarship, and relations to existing literature

  • a table of contents that provides paragraph-length descriptions of each chapter
  • one or two sample chapters, preferably including an introduction that describes the work as a whole

  • the estimated length and date of completion, number and type of illustrations, if any, as well as any special requirements called for in the preparation and production of your book

  • your curriculum vitae or resume

  • suggestions for appropriate reviewers

Once we have completed our initial review we will either propose a publishing option, contingent on seeing the entire manuscript, or ask for the entire manuscript.

When we are considering full-length manuscripts, we request exclusive consideration. We do not consider manuscripts simultaneously submitted to another press. Please indicate plans you have for revising the manuscript; this is especially true for dissertations.